Harz National Parks, Hiking Tips and more

Entry to the National Park  
Entry to the National Park  

The two National Parks, Harz and High Harz, are located in one of the most fascinating middle mountain landscapes of Europe. This protected area stretches across two federal states. Founded on October 1, 1990, the High Harz National Park in Saxony-Anhalt today covers 8,900 hectare (22,000 acres) and preserves in the main the Brocken area as well as the Ecker and the Ilse valleys. On January 1, 1994 the Harz National Park in Lower Saxony was formed in addition. It is about 15,800 hectare (39,000 acres) in area and stretches from Bad Harzburg in the north across the higher elevations to Herzberg and the Oder reservoir in the south Harz.

Hiking Tips:
The most environmentally friendly access is by train to Bad Harzburg on the northern edge of the Harz. From here you can travel by bus to Torfhaus. The bus stop "Torfhaus" is the starting and finishing point of our hike. Along the 8 km (16 km up and back) pathway you can experience the Harz and High Harz National Parks from various perspectives. Approximately 330 m elevation change is covered, but the path is easily walked and the climb not difficult. You should, however, be sure to allow adequate time (for up and back about 5 to 6 hours) and bring sturdy shoes.

Useful information about hikes can be obtained at the Nationalparkhaus (National Park Visitor Centre) Altenau-Torfhaus, Tel. 05320/263, Fax 266, email torfhaus@t-online.de, www.torfhaus.info) or in the ranger station in the same building (Tel. 05320/269). Current weather information is available from our Brocken Camera, see www.nationalpark-harz.de

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